Prints to send!

Yesterday Ozora festival’s official page shared this album of mine and from that moment on thousands of people are seeing, liking, sharing the pictures I shot in these past months. I’ve never experienced so many notifications :)

I wanted to let you know that I send prints worldwide, until 40*60cm, of the different pictures you can find on True Humanity Facebook page and even on my personal Flickr, where you can find a different pictures
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These last months I was travelling so I had less time to work on the pictures

But I started to receive emails like this one from Klaus F.:
“just wanted to thank u for puttin this up
keep on portraying our “hippie community” or whatever u like to call it

with best regards


I travel with a camera to have back feebacks like this one, they push me to not leave the camera home!

But even better the first Paypal donation from Timo J.
So much love for you!

Now you can donate – for keeping this site up – also via Bitcoin!


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Children should be educated to no more than these simple things: the more simple you are, the more happy you can be. And the more you have a positive attitude, the more positive will be everyone who is near you. The only acceptable education is the education to sensibility, to emotions. – Rainbow Gathering, Slovakia. August 2012


Limits of languages

You have to understand the limits of languages, to fully appreciate them.
I love every language, it is the expression of a population’s history. But if a certain meaning does not exist in a language, it also means that you can not think about it, or at least you can not express it to others. Then the language becomes a prison for your thoughts’ freedom. So I’m looking forward to stop needing languages to communicate to other human beings.
I’m working on it, and with more people it’s easier, but I wish to share all our energies just watching or standing near each other.
Or just Being, and flowing.