True Humanity


True Humanity expresses itself through music, creativity, arts, emotions. Sharing goods and ideas, as well as travelling and exploring the inner and outer spheres of ourselves.
This project is open to all human beings.
A portrayal of collective people. Real, self-hilarious, self-aware. An ever present consciousness that thinks about deprogramming archaic modes of relationship and society. We are chuckling, laughing, self-reflecting.
These pictures are the result of my need to record just what I love from this astonishing reality. Celebrating, remembering and sharing it. will be a diary of what I experience from this world, but if you feel near to this approach to life and you want to share your works (pictures, songs and every kind of creativity) I will be glad to upload and share them, linking your website or profile!

If you are in one of these pictures and you want to remove it, you just have to write me at

And if you are in one of these pictures and you want a high quality copy let me know at the same email
I prefer the second kind of email, please feel free to fill my mailbox with them :)

SUPPORT via Paypal
Please, buy me some kilometers of travelling, you will be re-payed with new pictures :)


One thought on “True Humanity

  1. psyknoir

    after last ozora and the pink man experience i created a psytrance album, before i was a rock musician. its for free! see you this year!!



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